Rent Desotorow Gallery


Desotorow Gallery offers exciting rental possibilities to artists and creatives of all types. In addition to the benefits of the space at 2427, rentees will also receive marketing and promotional assistance, showcard design and printing, press releases, installation help, and regular business hours during the week. Take a look at our competitive prices!

To rent the gallery for your show please contact

Pricing and Schedule

Two Weeks: $500

October 15 – 26, opening reception on the 11th
November 12 – 23, opening reception on the 15th
HOLIDAY SPECIAL, only $225: December 14 – 22, opening reception on the 20th

In addition to providing exhibition space, the gallery also provides the following services:

Marketing Assistance: Volunteers assist artists with marketing through website, email, and social networking posts. Volunteers also prepare and issue press releases to local media, and assist with the design and distribution of artist showcards. Desotorow provides 150 showcards for internal use and distribution. Rentees can purchase additional showcards through Desotorow.

Installation Assistance: Volunteers assist with exhibit installation and de-installation.

Opening Reception Staff: Volunteers are available to staff opening receptions and assist with event set-up and clean-up. Desotorow does not provide food or beverage for opening receptions.

Regular Open Hours: Volunteers staff the gallery during the week to increase the accessibility of your exhibit to the public.

Scheduling: Please refer to the Exhibition Schedule for information on available dates. Desotorow does not offer rentals during the Art March week. To submit your work for the Art March, please visit the Art March Exhibition Submission Form.