Desotorow Gallery is proud to support Earth Day with their annual REDUX show. All work submitted for REDUX must be made from recycled materials and should celebrate environmental consciousness or draw attention to the major environmental issues of our time. Consider such recent events as oil spills, destructive weather patterns caused by climate change, overpopulation, urban domination, and more.

Artists such as Robert Smithson, Henry Dean, Andy Goldsworthy, and Christo and Jeanne-Claude all explore the relationships between human beings and their environment. They manipulate landscapes, create found object sculptures, or even submerge canvases in muddy marshes for weeks. If art truly is the conscience of a society, what does it have to say about our impact on the earth?

March 29 | Entries Due

April 19 | Work due to Gallery

April 26 | Opening Reception


In order to be considered for the exhibit, you must submit the following:

1. Entry Form (Download here)

2. Entry Fee

3. Digital Images

4. Artist Statement



Up to 3 pieces – $25




Up to 5 pieces – $30






Hit the ground rolling and submit your best body of work pertaining to bicycles and cycling culture. SPOKED! celebrates the immeasurable impact that bicycles have on culture worldwide. In addition to showing at the gallery, your work will hit the road for an afternoon and be featured at the “Bicycle Block Party” in Savannah Gardens, part of Savannah Play Streets.

Cruisers, Commuters, Single Speeds and Fixies all welcome.

April 29 | Entries Due

May 15 | Work due to Gallery

May 20 | Show Opening

May 26 | Mobile Installation at Savannah Gardens/Show Closes

Play Streets is a national initiative to temporarily turn portions of public streets into places for families to enjoy active recreation, access to healthy and local foods, and in Savannah’s case, access to arts programming. The initiative is steered by Partnership for a Healthier America, chaired by First Lady Michelle Obama.

In order to be considered for the exhibit, you must submit this form and pay the submission fee.


Up to 3 pieces – $25




Up to 5 pieces – $30







EXILE: Recall and Evocation


“We experience the world through the senses, and the act of seeing is one of giving meaning, taking stock of our environment to counterbalance chaos. In the way that we are born into language, we also enter an unfolding, socially defined world of visual continuum.” – George Legrady

The exhibition presents “EXILE,” a video installation by wenjin zhou, SCAD M.F.A. interactive design and game development student.

Zhou creates a new form of poetics emerging from cinematic provocation of emotion with an emphasis on meta-narrative reflection on storytelling in digital medium. EXILE makes it possible to experience a new conception of the world, where there is no longer a linear relationship between cause and effect and no fixed point of view.

Structured as a big hypertext of film sequences, EXILE can be seen as a visual poem that plays on the central theme of existential loss. It explores the fragile inner life of the protagonists who take traveling as a mobile refuge from social circumstance by foregrounding their obscure psychological introspection. The process compounds the overall perceptual overload generated by alternating pure color shots, flickering images and audio fragments to reinforce the cinematic provocation of emotion that ruptures with standard narrative of progress. It is hoped that this strategy could arouse chaos of our strongest feelings and to establish an evocative relationship with the past as fragments of micro-narrative flash up in the present.

Reception: Friday, Mar. 8, 7:00-10:00 p.m.

The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public.