“Dirty Needles” by Sarah Tasios

Still two more days to see Sarah Tasios’ unique “Dirty Needles” installation- we will be open on Monday and Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 5pm. Hope to see you there!

The installation exhibition “Dirty Needles” presents the relationship between drug use and the spread of HIV-AIDS.

Approximately 40 million people live with HIV-AIDS today. At least 20 million have died from a related infection. While many factors cause the spread of HIV-AIDS, drug use plays a major role. The sharing of drug needles directly causes 30% of HIV infections outside sub-Saharan Africa. Indirect infections also occur through contact with drug users through sex, breast milk or blood transfusions.

Many countries provide Needle Exchange Programs to minimize the spread of HIV-AIDS. These programs provide sanitary drug equipment for drug users to prevent the sharing of equipment. Across the world, they have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths and have resulted in billions of healthcare savings for participating countries.

Although the U.S. is currently improving its Needle Exchange Programs, it needs increasing support to effectively utilize this tool. You are welcome to visit the exhibition to learn more about Needle Exchange Programs and its ability to prevent HIV-AIDS infections.