Jessica Mathew’s painting show, Re-Vision, is approaching with an opening on Friday, May 13th from 6-9PM.

Check out her website or read her artist’s statement, posted here. This is just a preview of the work that will be showcase this weekend!

My work investigates the surplus of information that contributes to the contemporary human experience. It is an exploration into the processes of seeing and recording visual data. In an age of information excess, unlimited access to data alters our perceptions of our everyday surroundings.

Re:Vision utilizes painting’s abilities as a documentary tool to create an authentic record of an alleyway located in downtown Savannah. It delves into painting’s ongoing relationship to space with the intention of establishing an honest representation of reality.

The work demonstrates a progression of representational devices, launching from the painted illusions that achieve a sense of realist space and evolving into an updated urban cubism. The physical surface takes precedence when the ambiguity between abstraction and realism is offered through the documentation of flat surfaces in the alley. Any narrative is abandoned, leaving an abundance of disorganized information for the viewer to absorb.

Art for Art’s Sake: Sneak Preview

All the pieces for the silent art auction are installed! Ai-ling took some photos to share a sneak preview of the work you’ll be able to bid. See something you like? Then we’ll be seeing you tomorrow night at Desotorow Gallery. The Art for Art’s Sake silent art auction will last from 6 to 9pm with bidding ending at 8:30pm. The evening includes live music, food & Savannah art community!