Art for Art’s Sake: Behind the Scenes with Lonesome Swagger

Spring has brought a number of exciting events to Desotorow, like the Steampunk Art Circus and Blazo Kovacevic’s “Probe”—all leading up to our biggest event of the year, Art for Art’s Sake.

This year’s silent auction will promise a range of talented artists in varied media, and as always, high community spirit. But to keep it fresh, we’re stepping up the entertainment game!

Desotorow is pleased to welcome our guests, the Trainwrecks and Lonesome Swagger—Savannah music scene shredders and our soundtrack to Art for Art’s Sake.

We’ve sat down with Lonesome Swagger for a preview of what guests can expect.

A growing name in local venues, Swagger consistently delivers smooth, rockabilly-flavor riffs. Guitar and lead vocalist Lonesome Zak croons enticing melodies while Swagger Lee, respectively, brings a solid, Cash rhythm on guitar. Once a duo, the band has grown to include drummer WeeWo Gossett and recently, bassist Jordan Stevens.

Desotorow: How did Lonesome Swagger get started?

Lonesome Swagger: At last year’s Art for Art’s Sake, Zak and I were asked to play a show at the auction. Funny enough, we had never played guitar together until we started practicing for that show. We didn’t even know each other. Myrriah finally joined the band six months later. She told us she had a drum kit, and we said “let’s do this.” And luckily Myrriah has a friend who is a fantastic bass player. Unfortunately, Paige is moving soon, but we are really happy that we have had a chance to play with her.

DR: That’s such a cool band name, how did you two come up with it?

LS: Zak actually came up with it one night while we were all hanging out. It’s supposed to describe that feeling you have when you are having the worst day of your life and you reach a point of not caring. That’s the lonesome swagger.

DR: Describe your sound. What artists have influenced you?

LS: We like to describe ourselves as Americana, Country, Blues. But we always say that if you can’t put a genre to it, it’s folk. We have all been influenced by Hank Williams, The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Flat duo Jets, Towns Van Zandt Lou Reed and Scott H. Birham.

DR: Where can we see you playing around town?
LS: We’ve played The Jinx a few times. Desotorow will be booking more shows this summer.
DR: Since starting out, how have you progressed as a band?
LS:We have really developed and focused our sound. Also adding drums and bass has added a much fuller sound.

DR: Do you have any goals in mind for the future?
LS: To keep playing, and keep writing.
DR: If you could play your music for any deceased or currently living celebrity, who would it be?
LS: Zak-Towns Vand Zandt and Hank Williams at the same venue
Lee- John Lee Hooker, Keith Richards, and Tom Waits
Myrriah- Travis Barker, Wanda Jackson and Mike Ness
Paige- Beaver Felton, Victor Wooton and Matt Freeman
DR: Why should everyone attend Art for Art’s Sake at Desotorow on May 6th?

LS: To help a great organization, and hear a great band like The Trainwrecks. Also, everyone should, totally, come see us too.

Check out Lonesome Swagger on Facebook or MySpace. Or better yet, see them live at Art for Art’s Sake on May 6th!